Important Information

Absence From School

On the first and every other day your child is absent, the parent/caregiver must ring the school (0800 682628) or email, before 8.30am if possible to explain why the chid is away. If your child is absent from school and his/her Whanau Teacher does not know the reason why, the teacher will ask the Attendance Officer to telephone/text the child's family to ask why he/she is not at school. If you receive a text from the school please respond asap.

Late To School

The student must sign in on the clipboard in the office when he/she arrives at school. If a parent/caregiver is with them, then they should put their signature on the sheet also.
If the student has a note, it should be left on the clipboard and a parent/caregiver signature is therefore, not necessary. If a parent/caregiver wants to ring the school to say their child is going to be late, then they may do so. In this case a note is not required.

Departure During The Day

When the student goes to leave. he/she must sign out on the clipboard in the school office. The note must be left on the clipboard. If the student does not have a note from their parent/caregiver the office will ring the parent/caregiver for permission before the student is permitted to leave.

Change Of Address / Telephone Number / Email

If you move house, change phone number, get a number or change email address then it is important that the school is notified - particularly for emergency reasons.

Electronic Devices

These are the responsiblity of the owner and to used for educational purposes only.