Important Information

Absence from school

On the first and every other day your child is absent, the parent/caregiver must ring the school (0800 682628 extn 206) or email before 8.30am if possible to explain why the chid is away. If your child is absent from school and no reason has been provided the Attendance Officer to text the child's family to ask why s/he is not at school. If you receive a text from the school please respond asap.

Late to school

A parent/caregiver should sign the student in at Te Whare o Rongo (Student Centre).

Departure During The Day

When the student goes to leave s/he must be signed out by a parent/caregiver at Te Whare o Rongo (Student Centre). If the student does not have a note from their parent/caregiver the office will ring the parent/caregiver for permission before the student is permitted to leave.

Change of address / telephone number / email

If you move house, change phone number, get a number or change email address then it is important that the school is notified - particularly for emergency reasons.

Electronic devices

These are theĀ responsiblity of the owner. No cellphones are to be used in classes.