The Arts

The Arts enrich our lives. They are powerful forms of expression that recognise, value, and contribute to the unique bicultural and multicultural character of Aotearoa New Zealand. Through movement, sound, and image, the Arts transform people’s creative ideas into expressive works that communicate layered meaning.

Learning in, through, and about the Arts stimulates creative action and response by engaging and connecting thinking, imagination, senses, and feelings.

Otamatea High School Arts:  Drama, Music and Visual Arts.

Junior Arts

Year 7 & 8 students rotate around Drama, Music and Art during the year.
They spend approximately 13 week blocks in each of the arts subjects.
Year 9 students choose two these subjects which run as a half year semester.
Year 10 arts subjects are chosen as a ‘whole year’ option.

Senior Arts


As students perform, they learn to analyse and respond to different forms of drama and theatre. They gain a deeper appreciation of their rich cultural heritage, language, and new power to examine attitudes, behaviors’, and values and extend to communication of complex ideas and concepts.


A practical and theoretical course at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Visual Arts                        

The Visual Arts Department is offering a range of senior art curriculum areas. Each area offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to explore their artistic learning.
Level 1 is practical art which has an emphasis on painting and print making.

Level 2 and 3 specialises in painting and photography.


The Arts Department is dedicated to facilitating creativity.
Te toi whakairo, ka ihiihi, ka wehiwehi, ka aweawe te ao katoa. 
Artistic excellence makes the world sit up in wonder. 

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